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What Makes A Good Attorney?

I am a sucker for the Olympics.  I love watching people push themselves to be the best in the world at some obscure event that requires an insane amount of skill and talent.  Then there are the guys who make you scratch your head and wonder “What do THEY do?”  The middle guys in the four-man bobsled-what do

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Commas Matter

Commas People. They Matter. Written by Lawrence Kroll, October 2016 Lawyers are frequently portrayed as making things overly complicated. People complain we sit at our desks and worry about making things as complicated as possible. Lawyers are seen as “picky” and too concerned over how things are written. One of the reasons why we are

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Erase Your Arrest!

ERASE YOUR ARREST! Written by Lawrence Kroll, October 2016 You got arrested. It doesn’t matter for what-perhaps you were too loud at 2:00 am. Perhaps you had illegal window tinting and mouthed off to the cop when you got stopped. Maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught up

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