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What Makes A Good Attorney?

I am a sucker for the Olympics.  I love watching people push themselves to be the best in the world at some obscure event that requires an insane amount of skill and talent.  Then there are the guys who make you scratch your head and wonder “What do THEY do?”  The middle guys in the four-man bobsled-what do

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Expanding Your Small Business: Commercial Leases

Most small businesses reach a point where they have to move out of the founder’s basement, garage, or dining room, and lease appropriate space, whether it be offices, a storefront, a warehouse, or manufacturing.  A Lease is a significant financial investment. Be sure you understand your Lease, what your financial obligations are, and what will happen

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Unbundling Legal Services – Are You All In?

More and more people are curious about “unbundled” legal services. What exactly does that mean? Traditionally, a client hires a lawyer to represent them throughout an entire case, or for a particular transaction. The attorney may appear in court, negotiate with the other attorney, or draft all the paperwork; in short, does anything and everything

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